Our serve team exists to create an environment for people to meet and experience Jesus.  Yeah, it’s pretty important.

Serve Culture

Jesus said, “the greatest in the Kingdom is the servant of all” Mark 9v35.  As his people, that is an invitation to follow him.  By serving each other in ordinary ways, we’re partnering with him in bringing the Kingdom.  A happy byproduct: we discover the reward of a life lived under His rule.

Register To Serve

Serving Opportunities

Riverbend Church Serve: Host Team

Host Team

Serve by creating an environment at our gatherings where people are known and loved.

Riverbend Church Serve: Kids Team

Kids Team

Serve by teaching the Scripture, sharing the love of Jesus with kids, and assisting a teacher in the classrooms.

Riverbend Church Serve: Production Team

Production Team

Serve by curating the audio and visual experience for our community to encounter Jesus.

Riverbend Church Serve: Coffee Team

Coffee Team

Serve by brewing amazing coffee for our gatherings.

Riverbend Church Serve: Worship Team

Worship Team

Serve by playing music and guiding our community into worship.

Riverbend Church Serve: Prayer Team

Prayer Team

Serve by praying with our church before and after the gathering.

Riverbend Church Serve: Tear-Down Team

Tear-Down Team

Serve by cleaning, organizing, and re-setting our gathering spaces to create an inviting place for our community to experience Jesus.