Kenwood School Relocation

When: Sunday, September 1 at 10am

Where: Kenwood School (map)

Beginning September 1st, we will be shifting our gatherings to ONE gathering at 10 AM, located at Kenwood School just down the road from our current location! We’re excited about this for a few reasons:

  1. The Kenwood School is just down the street from our current building
  2. We get to gather with everyone together in one service at 10 AM
  3. The facilities are much better set up for kids ministries
  4. Our parking space will increase
  5. This move allows us to make important repairs and renovations to our current building

Please listen to the podcast and watch the video for more details, and make sure to join us September 1 at 10 AM!

Announcement Video

Announcement Podcast { 35 min }